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Working Together To Make A Greater Impact


Bringing hope and healing to tens of thousands of men and women trapped in drug and alcohol abuse

Astrid’s Heart is a proud partner of the Teen Challenge missional movement that unashamedly follows Christ, embraces servant leadership, and shares transforming grace.

Antelope Valley Teen Challenge
Inland Empire
Teen Challenge

Upon successful completion of the three- to four-month Induction Phase at one of our regionally located centers, male students are sent to our long-term residential Christian Life Center in Riverside, California. This part of the program is nine months plus a four-month apprenticeship that is served in one of our Southern California centers.


At the Christian Life Center in Riverside, students begin intentional discipleship that brings about life transformation. Chapel services, classes, growth groups and vocational training are part of the weekly discipleship curriculum. Through cooperation with the local school system, it is highly encouraged for students to complete their high school education or acquire a GED certification if applicable. Vocational training is also provided to help the student successfully re-enter society upon graduation.


Teen Challenge utilizes a peer-to-peer model for discipleship during class work, recreation and free time. Students are brought together from different ethnic, cultural, social, and economic backgrounds and this alone can be a large part of a student’s growth experience. Skilled advisors, most of whom are former graduates, are on-hand to help students make the changes essential to victorious living in society. The nine-month Riverside Christian Life Center is divided into four phases.


Each phase helps the student grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, physically, and mentally. Upon completion of the Teen Challenge curriculum, the student participates in a graduation ceremony and is awarded a diploma.

Inland Empire Teen Challenge

5445 Chicago Ave

Riverside, CA 92057

Teen Challenge Spiritual Emphasis Baptisms 2022

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Teen Challenge

Established in 2022, the Antelope Valley Teen Challenge Outreach Center is the home base location for admission interviews for men and women who are interested in entering one of our existing current residential programs.  It will also has prevention outreach activities for youth, living free groups, and other Christ-centered support groups that provide vital, non-residential help for those trapped in addiction, as well as their families

Antelope Valley Teen Challenge

43807 10th St. West, Suite E

Lancaster, CA 93534


Teen Challenge Walk For Recovery 2022

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Antelope Valley Director Eric Tijerina

Admissions Outreach Coordinator Joseph Ortiz

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